Sunrise_December 2023_ at Corneroh_The Hague

The installation “Sunrise” is a room-filling collage with a four-hour live act that can be viewed from the street. The work takes on the outside of reality and exposes the absurdity of our contradictions. Contradictions that suit us just fine. Fortunately, there is the “fortune seeker” as a target. 

Pulling fiber optic cables, working in horticulture, the meat industry, cleaning offices and factories and other work that the Dutchman does not wish to do, we mostly leave to workers we call “fortune seekers”. The economy demands plenty of these vulnerable workers, but meanwhile we build walls in Europe to keep these people out. Convenient, because low pay and should the economy slow down, these workers can be thrown out on the street without difficulty. This is exactly what one can see when walking in the Haagse Bos and other parks in The Hague. Provided one wants to see it, because a tent in a park also reminds us of our own fun camping vacations.